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Our Journey and Name

Pebble Creek was founded on 24 May 2005 by Ms Moiza Rafath. The school, its children, teachers and parents have taken a long Montessori journey to set up Pebble Creek Life School. The school started with limited capital of Rs.300000/- which was used to procure Montessori material. The school was first set up in the rented bungalow of its Founder, Ms Moiza Rafath. The living room and a bedroom at the ground floor were used to set up a Montessori House of Children. The school started with 5 children.

Pebble Creek today has branches at Dr A S Rao Nagar and Thumukunta, Shamirpet Mandal, Hyderabad. Pebble Creek High Montessori, Dr A S Rao Nagar offers Montessori House of Children for children aged 2.2-6 years and a Primary Elementary Environment for children aged 6-9 years old.

Pebble Creek Life School, Thumukunta was established in 2012. The school offers Primary Montessori Environments for children aged 2.2 to 6 years, Elementary Montessori Environments for ages 6 to 12 yrs and Secondary School or Adolescent Programme for the 12 to 15 years age group.

Pebble Creek derives its meaning from the relation which a flowing stream of water and its shore share – the interdependence. The water flows through the uneven and curved paths set by the shore, the water is contained within the boundaries of the shore and the stream thins or widens depending on its force. The process rounds off parts of the shore into smooth pebbles.

The stream of water is the flow of knowledge and love and pebbles are the people and children that are touched by its natural flow and natural force. This process of erosion not only changes the course of the stream but also changes its boundaries. They both act on each other continuously and change each other endlessly. The rounded pebbles are the change agents of the society who are needed by all of us. Being with these people feels the same as one feels when one touches or holds a pebble – a sense of comfort, joy and awe for creation.Pebble Creeks’ logo, designed by Ms. Ghazia Jalal (www.ghaziajalal.com), depicts the child as the most important being in our world. This world is made up of two key components – land and water.