Admission Process

Admission for Preschool

Pebble Creek accepts registration for ‘Montessori House of Children’ for children aged below 2 years during an academic year(in June, October and January).School for the registered children starts when the child reaches the age of 2 years and 2 months.

Admission for Grade I to X

Admissions across all these grades are offered in January every year; based on availability of seats.  New academic session begins in March every year.

We strongly urge parents to build an understanding about the philosophy and methodology used by Pebble Creek Life School before enrolling the child. If parents are not in sync with the school, the child will be perpetually struggling between the school’s and parent’s ideas about education and it will lead to a lack of clarity which can have long term effects on the personality of the child. Therefore our admission process is designed to ensure that the parents completely understand the philosophy, make several visits to the school, observe the classrooms, talk to the right people and then take a conscious decision about enrolling the child in the school.

Our Admission Process includes the following steps:


Expression of Interest: Filling in the inquiry form by visiting the school


Orientation: Meeting a teacher and developing a holistic understanding about the school’s philosophy


Interaction with the child: Teachers interact with the child to understand the needs of the child and to build an understanding about the school’s readiness to support the child’s learning


Meeting the Principal: A final round of interaction aimed at aligning expectations


Fee payment and Admission

Admission Enquiry Form