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Naresh Godugu

Physical Education Teacher

Naresh was an Electronic Engineer by chance and now he is glad to be a Physical Educator by choice. He completed his schooling at Andhra Pradesh Sports School, trained as a footballer and graduated from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University. Football is his passion which made him complete his bachelor in Physical Education from Kakatiya University. He also has the D license from All India Football Federation which makes him a certified football coach. He is a national football player.

He loves to be on the ground, working with kids and coaching them various sports skills. He feels very happy to train, learn and spend time with children at Pebble Creek.

Kokkonda Lavanya

Physical Education Teacher

Lavanya has done her graduation in Physical Education. She is interested in all kinds of games. She says that her interest in all kinds of games gives her an opportunity to learn new things and fulfill her passion. She has been working with Pebble Creek for the last five years. She says that working at Pebble Creek has been full of new experiences, exposure, growth and learning for her.

P. Veeresh

Carpentry Teacher

Veeru is passionate about teaching carpentry to children by capturing their interest. He loves surfing internet to be able to do innovative things in his classes. One thing which he wants to share with people about his carpentry classes is that children working with various tools is an important experience which we need to provide to our children. Safety measures are non-negotiable but getting minor cuts is also a part of the process and we need to let children experience it. 

He says that he didn’t complete his schooling because it didn’t make any difference to his life and therefore he teaches and believes in working on skills which can be carried by the children for their whole life and which enable them to be self-sufficient.

Anthony Charles Peters

Music Teacher

Charles has been working with Pebble Creek since 2016. He loves working with children and as a Music Teacher he teaches songs that are inspiring, motivating and fun. He also helps the children to improve their singing, individually or as a group, by encouraging them to come up with different styles and variations of singing.

He has graduated in Economics from Loyola Academy Degree and P.G. College. He has given an exam on Music and received a certificate of initiation from Trinity College, London. He has previously worked in HSBC.

With a great love for folk, pop and classic rock, he has been playing Keyboard and Guitar since 2007. He also has a six piece band named ‘Nawabs’ that has its roots into Rock, Metal, Mellow Rock in Tollywood and Bollywood.

Charles loves to always try out new styles of Music and Singing. Apart from this, he is a foodie and loves trying out different cuisines. He loves playing football, volleyball, badminton and going on long drives.