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Core Values:

Pebble Creek upholds the core values of LOVE, SAFETY (physical, intellectual, social and emotional), EXCELLENCE AND NURTURING HUMANITARIAN VALUES.
These Core Values are driven by all stakeholders of the organization – staff, students and the parent community:-

  • Love – Love is defined by Pebble Creek as care, respect and patience. Love for us is a constant attempt to create a non-hierarchical learning environment.
  • Safety – Safety refers to PIES – Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social Safety. We believe in creating a safe learning environment for children a we believe that ‘emotions are gatekeepers to learning’.
  • Excellence – Excellence is the effort to make each individual more aware of his/her own capacities, potential and achievements, thereby enabling a process of self-evaluation, self-reliance and learning to maximize opportunities and resources
  • Nurturing Humanitarian Values – Nurturing humanitarian values in our own organization is the effort to sensitize children towards larger humanitarian aspects of working towards the welfare and happiness of people, engaging in social reform and practice of ethics.