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President’s Note

An Ecosystem of Trust

An Ecosystem is an inter-dependent community functioning as a unit.

What makes an Ecosystem vibrant is each of the constituents being keenly aware of their unique roles, and recognizing and valuing the contribution of their counterparts. By complementing one another, the well-being and efficacy of the entire group is enhanced.

The idea for the revival of the Parent Teacher Association at Pebble Creek was mooted in October, 2016. Active involvement of Parents was solicited in the entire process of Education of their children in a spirit of partnership with the school. Recognition that Students are the most important stakeholders quickly led to expanding the concept into a PTSA.

Since inception, the PTSA has made modest yet tangible progress towards building effective bridges between the Parent community, Students and the School:

  • Formation of a single PTSA across Pebble Creek Life School and Pebble Creek High Montessori Schools.
  • Co-creation of a Vision Document for the PTSA outlining Objectives, Core Values, Roles and Responsibilities. This provides a firm foundation and First Principles on which to base our work.
  • Identification of Class Parent Representatives and constituting a PTSA Council.
  • Creation of communication channels for parents to articulate their ideas, thoughts and concerns to the school.
  • Monthly face-to-face meetings of the PTSA as part of the school calendar.
  • Co-operation on a calendar of events for meaningful engagement and awareness.

Through the PTSA, a conscious effort is being made to Discuss, Listen, Acknowledge, Understand, Learn and Act with positive intent.

We have the opportunity in front of us to collectively create a support structure for Pebble Creek in its pursuit of Academic and Human Excellence, and creating an Ecosystem of Trust where our children can thrive.

Karuna M

Parent of Maansi Maharaj in Montessori Elementary Grade 2 &

Manasvi Maharaj in Montessori Casa

Homemaker and PTSA Parent Representative

I was very apprehensive about the Montessori method for my child. The entire concept seemed so different and the number of doubts / questions arising in my mind were huge. My orientation was the starting point, from where my journey with Pebble Creek started. The orientation helped me to look at things from a different perspective.  With a nudge from my husband and confidence given by the school, I admitted my first daughter into Pebble Creek.

There has been no looking back from this point in time. From being skeptical, I have converted to an advocate for the school. Whenever I see new parents with the apprehensions about the method and the school, I build the confidence in them and tell them about my experience so far.

The concept, environment and the team that we have at Pebble Creek is simply great and very dedicated. It is very contagious and helps in the journey of our children’s learning process, sometimes making me wonder why I missed something like this so far in my life. We now have both our daughters studying at Pebble Creek and are very happy with their experiences at school.


Parent of Naurish, in Montessori Elementary Grade

Homemaker and PTSA Treasurer

I am glad to be the part of the Pebble Creek PTSA as a Treasurer and Class Representative for Grade 3. PTSA provides an important communication link between the parents and the school. We are here with a common vision of excellence for our kids and commitment to promote educational success through engaged parents, empowered teachers and energetic student involvement.