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Pragathi Pulimamidy

Learning Facilitator

Pragathi has an M.A. in Public & Personnel Management. Having got introduced to Montessori education in the US, during her stint there and in quest for Montessori education for her children, Pragathi ended up making her career in teaching.

In her long-standing association of over eight years with Pebble Creek, beginning as an Assistant Teacher and covering differential aspects of the school operations – administration, coordination etc., now Pragathi has been working with Lower Elementary as a facilitator for learning. In an effort to better her love and passion to work with children, she is now enrolled with prestigious AMI Montessori for her own personal and professional development. Prior to joining Pebble Creek, she has worked in Hospitality, Healthcare and IT. She is also passionate about photography, various art forms, travel – knowing new places and is in constant search for more knowledge. She is also a firm believer of leading by example.

Neethipudi Hima Bindu

Learning Facilitator

Hima Bindu has an M.A. in Literature with a B.Ed. It has been nine years since she has been working with children. Her interest in working with children stems from a desire to learn about and understand the world in which she lives, as well as her lifelong love for animals, nature, travel and adventure. She says that working with Pebble Creek has provided her with a valuable opportunity to explore herself and to apply her academic work and experiences to a professional environment. She is a creative person who strives to turn an activity or a space into a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing adventure.

Subha Lakshmi

Learning Facilitator

Subha has the experience of working with the children of various age groups. She has done Masters in Computer Applications. She has been with Pebble Creek for the past five years. She worked as Mathematics and Computer Science teacher for Middle School. She believes that learning is a lifelong process and thoroughly enjoys learning along with children. She is passionate about Music, Literature and Sports. She is currently undergoing Elementary Montessori training to understand Montessori philosophy and help children better.

Mohammed Fazalullah Siddiqui

Montessori Guide

Fazal holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from JNTU. His interaction with the Montessori environments gave him insights about the Montessori principles as he observed that everything in the environment suited the needs of children – the height of the shelves, the perfectly sized tables and chairs. The adult and the materials were just there to serve the developmental needs of the children and not to pollute it with unnecessary hurdles. What most appealed to him was that the children were positively bursting with confidence. Their manner held an aura of satisfaction as they left for home. He knew then that a Montessori environment was the place where a lasting education would happen – an education for life. These experiences instilled a desire in him to know more about the Montessori pedagogy and he did his AMI 6- 12 Diploma in Montessori Pedagogy from Navadisha Montessori Foundation, Chennai.

As a Montessori Guide at Pebble Creek Life School his aim is to keep his environment child-friendly, bright, inspiring and, most of all, to see that overall glow of satisfaction and happiness is present on children’s faces as they leave for home. He does this because he loves what Dr Maria Montessori has said,
One test of the correctness of educational procedures is the happiness of the child.”

J. Hemamalini

Montessori Guide

Hema is a post graduate in Economics. She says that during her school days, she always wanted to experience education for life through freedom but her schooling didn’t provide her with this opportunity. After completing her post-graduation, she got to know about Montessori philosophy which seemed very close to her heart. This made her do her Elementary Montessori training. She says that she aspires to constantly learn and share that knowledge with children which they can carry with them for life.

G.Swathi Kumari

Telugu Teacher

Swathi has been with Pebble Creek since the time it was a small school. She has grown a lot with Pebble Creek. She loves planning, organising and experiencing various outdoor excursions with children. She loves to lead cooking projects with children. She is passionate about Sports and loves to jump into all sports activities, whether she knows the sport or not – she loves the learning part as well the playing.

Anamika Mishra

Hindi Teacher

Anamika Mishra is committed to students’ success inside of the classroom and in life. She believes in enhancing learning through using story-telling and classroom experiences. She promotes fun, growth and a sense of family, in her children.

Before deciding to enter the world of Education, she has experienced the industry of Logistics and Import/Export with a graduation in Science and a Diploma in Import and Export. For adding value to her passion for Education, she has done her B.Ed. and a post graduate in English Literature. She has been in teaching profession for the last eleven years. She has successfully delivered a mix of portfolio of Hindi Language teacher and Events In-charge for the school.

She believes that every student has a unique barrier in learning which needs to be identified and conquered. She volunteers over 200 hours annually, helping in the old-age homes and orphanages.

Shikha Bakshi

Hindi Teacher

Shikha is a graduate from Delhi University and she has done her M.C.S.E. certification. She has taught software courses in computer institutes and also has experience in teaching in schools.

She loves children and she is passionate about teaching them and enhancing their skills. She believes that teaching is not just imparting knowledge to students but it is also to awaken the determination of self-learning in them. Keeping a positive attitude and a smile on her face, she teaches her students. She tries to connect her lessons with real life experiences and always tries to understand the difficulties faced by children. She tries to build such a bond with them that they can freely express the challenges faced by them.

She believes that each individual learns at his/her own pace and therefore uses varied teaching processes. She says that she is always open to learn new things.

Pratibha Kshirsagar

Hindi Teacher

Pratibha has an M.A. in Hindi with a B.Ed. She describes herself as a person who tries to finish her tasks on time and is flexible and adaptable. She is able to work well as a part of and in conjunction with a team. She enjoys singing and dancing