Pebble Creek Learning Programme

At Pebble Creek we believe that only a ‘mind without fear’ can achieve human excellence. Therefore, freedom is deeply engrained in the learning programme at Pebble Creek. Pebble Creek’s learning programmes are designed to meet the developmental needs of the child passing through various planes of development. Education that recognizes and fulfils the specific needs of each plane cannot go wrong.  The child is Nature, as much effort and thought is put in preserving the goodness of nature that much and more effort needs to be put in to preserve the natural intelligence of the child. We believe in creating a holistic and safe learning environment for our children. The school functions as a mini society where children get ample opportunities to work with diverse people and enhance their knowledge and skills.

Pebble Creek Five Step Learning Programme

Exploration is an important step towards learning, without exploration the child may not develop the interest in the world around him. If exploration is restricted then questioning does not take place and when questioning is not happening then learning is not possible. To enable children become true learners adults have to be prepared to answer the questions that a child raises and not brush it off as waste of time or irrational thinking.

Once the child has explored and questioned things around him he begins to accept them and adapt to his surroundings this leads to assimilation of culture, language, knowledge and attitudes. The merging of exploration and assimilation leads to consolidation of knowledge. When the child explores and has used his senses to have concrete experiences he develops the ability to abstract and imagine. Abstraction leads to applying the concepts learnt to real life situation, which leads the child towards the ability to create.