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Pebble Creek’s Educational Philosophy

Pebble Creek has been a AMI Montessori school since its inception in 2005. The pedagogical practice follows the principles of Dr Maria Montessori’s philosophy which views education as ‘aid to life.’

In order that education becomes an aid to life, it has to follow the developmental needs of children very closely and the learning programme designed for children at Pebble Creek does just that.  The prepared environment, activity based learning and the mixed aged community of children and adults ensures the holistic development of children catering to their physical, intellectual, emotional and social developmental needs.  Along with these aspects, the integral aspect of ‘life skills development’ emerges as a by-product of learning and working in a Montessori community.

Dr Montessori’s philosophy of ‘follow the child’ lays the foundation of the learning programme at Pebble Creek.

The Foundational Years of Learning (3 to 6 years)

The 3 to 6 years is known as the ‘blessed age of play’ primarily because the child during this age is in the phase of motor –sensory development. The Montessori prepared environment supports this child in the following ways:

  1. Offering the child the scope of free and positive engagement with its immediate environment.
  2. Real and concrete activities for the hands which help the child to understand and decode concepts of the world around him on a sensorial level.
  3. Supporting ‘movement’ which of prime significance for the development of intelligence, through purposeful activities.

Supporting the development of a child’s independence, concentration and life skills through motor -sensory exploration of practical life activities, language arts, early math and culture.

The Plane of Imagination (6 to 12 years)

The child between the ages of 6 and 12 years is ready to take the leap into the world of imagination. With a growing   ability for reason and logic, the child between 6 and 12 years becomes ready to understand the working dynamics of the universe, the world and the society of people.

The Prepared environment for 6 to 12 supports the child in the following ways:

  1. Providing scope for imaginative exploration through academic study of language arts, history, social and natural sciences, mathematics and creative arts development.
  2. Offering opportunities for application of concepts in the real world outside the walls of a classroom.
  3. Preparing individual children to develop ownership their learning by designing their own day plans and how the curriculum rolls out.
  4. Teachers serve as guides to initiate children into research and enquiry based learning.
  5. Building sensitivity and awareness on significant social aspects of ethics, morals, diversity and personal and social justice.

The Adolescent Years (12 to 15 years)

During these years as children slowly leave behind their days of childhood and mature towards adulthood the need for self-reliance, establishing an identity of ‘oneself’ and the ‘sense of belonging to a group’ become quite significant. The transition of the child from being a member of a family to a member of the society, development of character and ability of ‘self-regulation’ are important achievement of this age.

The learning environment at Pebble Creek supports the adolescent years in the following ways:

  1. Providing scope for self-reliance through authentic leadership opportunities.
  2. Scope for understanding diversity and its potential
  3. Conflict resolution
  4. Critical thinking
  5. Collaboration
  6. Expression
  7. Questioning the existing systems and power structures