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Pre-School Years (3 to 6 years)

The Casa (House of Children)

The Philosophy

The 3 to 6 years is known as the ‘blessed age of play’ primarily because the child during this age is in the phase of motor –sensory development. The Montessori prepared environment supports this child in the following ways:

  1. Offering the child the scope of free and positive engagement with its immediate environment.
  2. Real and concrete activities for the hands which help the child to understand and decode concepts of the world around him/her on a sensorial level.
  3. Supporting ‘movement’through purposeful activities, which is of prime significance for the development of intelligence.

Supporting the development of a child’s independence, concentration and life skills through motor -sensory exploration of practical life activities, language arts, early math and culture.


The Prepared Environment

  • Working in the Montessori Prepared Environment.
  • Working in mixed age groups.
  • Learning happens through interaction with concrete material.
  • Focus on gaining physical independence.
  • Focus on Language Development.